ELIET Edge Cutter KS 300 PRO Lawn Edger

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  • 110mm Max Depth Adjst
  • 2550rpm Blade Speed
  • Two Engine Options
  • 37 Kg Weight
  • 1250 x 460 x 900 mm Dimensions (L x W x H in mm / inch)
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The ELIET KS 300 PRO not only has the largest edger blade (Ø 300 mm) currently on the market, but this machine is also particularly comfortable to work with. Thanks to the height adjustability to 7 different positions, the operator can always adjust the handlebar to the ideal height and give himself sufficient leg room. The purpose built rubber cover over the blade stops any stones being thrown up at the operator.



In the same way as a pen must be firmly grasped in your hand in order to draw a straight line, you must also firmly grasp an edger. This enables every movement of the handlebar to result in a similar movement of the blade. At ELIET, we have also firmly decided to opt for a robust welded frame so that any play in bolt fastenings is eliminated.


The ELIET KS 300 PRO has the largest blade on the market. This has the following advantages : Greater active working depth, cleaner cut via higher blade speed as well as 20% longer blade life.


The blade drive automatically engages as soon as the depth control is selected. You can use an ergonomically located lever on the handlebar to adjust the blade depth to a number of positions. The wide handlebar mounted dead man’s handle is a passive protection device that prevents you from accidentally placing your hands near to the blade. The soft foam rubber covering the handles aids operator comfort while a vibration free handle makes it easy to work longer hours.


The angle of the blades can also be adjusted. Hence the ability to cut away excess grass without damaging the structure of lawn edges. In addition to vertically, the machine can also cut at 25° and 45°.


The edger blade sometimes cuts through soil or alongside kerbs. However, when this is done, it is very likely that stones will be thrown up out of the ground. The special shape protects the operator against mud and debris being thrown up. The rubber absorbs the impact of stones, which will reduce the noise level and increase safety. The free belt strand of the drive belt is covered to ensure safety.


You can also use the ELIET edger to perfectly mow curves in creative lawns. To this end, the axle of the front wheel is aligned with the blade shaft. This means that the blade follows the curve that is made by the front wheel. The operator can thus follow the curves in the lawn much more accurately.


ELIET have ensured that the operator can concentrate entirely on cutting the lawn edge without anything else distracting him. To this end, the lawn edger has been equipped with large wheels. Thanks to the large double ball bearings and the wide rubber tread, the machine is stable and runs exceptionally easily. The ball bearings are screened off and, therefore, they are relatively unsusceptible to the effects of sand and dust.


The special shape of the handlebar ensures that the operator walks at an angle behind the machine so that he does not damage the lawn edge by walking over it in order to steer his machine in the correct direction. With the 7 position adjustment, ELIET not only enable the handle to be set at the ergonomically correct height, but also provides plenty of leg room for walking.


Pivots and guides are fitted with lubrication points to guarantee smooth operation in dusty situations.


The rear wheels have wheel scrapers fitted. These keep the tread clean so that the machine is more stable producing a clean cut.

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Technical Info

Technical Info

Engine selection 4,0 HP Honda GX120
5,5 HP Honda GX160
Blade Steel dia. 300 mm / 50 SiCr7
Blade speed 2550 rpm
Depth adjuster max 110 mm
Angle adjuster 0° / 25° / 45°
Chassis Steel 6 mm
Transmission V-belt A 32.5


Dimensions (L x W x H in mm / inch) 1250 x 460 x 900 mm / 49 x 18 x 35 inch
Weight 37 kg / 82 pounds


8 tooth steeldisk (dia. 300 mm / Mn Steel) 1
Double frontwheels 1


Eliet products come with a 2 year domestic warranty and a 1 year (or 100hours) professional warranty.

Further information can be found here: https://www.elietmachines.com/en/pages/warranty-conditions.html



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